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Masarnia Podmiejska is a privately-run bussiness that produces and trades in a wide variety of meats, meat products and cured meats. The firm is located in Gorzów Wlkp. in the lubuskie region of Poland and is owned by Danuta Jucha and Robert Komoszyński (form the exact address and how to get to us click on >> How to contact us). The firm began life in 1990 and since then we have continually increased our range of products to suit the ever-changing needs of costumers, which is of course the priority of the managment and emplayees.

We produce over 100 varietes of cured and smoked meat as well as parts and blocks of poultry and sausages, which we sell at both retail and wholesale prices. About 40 people are employed in our firm. We own 13 shops, which we continually supply with fresh produce. We supply wholesalors as well as butchers. We have our own base of transport and raw materials which ensure the highest quality of meat from the farm which supplies us.

A combination of the newest technology and traditional recipies and methods allows us to make our products to the superior standards of quality and flavour that the consumer demands. We ensure rigorously controlled standards of quality at every stage of production and this together with excellent seasonings is a guarantee of both high quality produce and costumer satisfaction. Further reasons that our products taste and look so unbeatable include: using only the highest quality ingredients, using the latest technology alongside traditional tried and tested recipies, a constant ability to adapt to the changing demands and tastes of our costumers. The processing machinery is under continual Veterinary Inspection.

+ + +  What do we do?  + + +

Slaughter, produce, process and preserve pork and beaf
Sell meat and meat products as wholesale
Sell meat and meat products as retail
Supply restaurants and cafeterias
Breed pigs
Deal with transporting ourselves
Cater the individual needs of our retail clients

+ + +  What products do we offer?  + + +

We can provide:
fresh meat:
pork and poultry ham prepared traditionally
cured meat and sausages - fine, medium and thick cuts
roast meat
pressed cuts of mixed pork
Look at our trade products page for details of our products.

+ + +  The development of the firm  + + +

Take note! We are looking for partners!

Our firm has permission to build a new abattoir and we are looking for any interested firms in connetion with this.

To get more informations please contat us:
Phone Nr: 0048 (0 prefix 95) 7322 277
e-mail: masarnia@civ.pl.


+ + +  Further information  + + +

Masarnia Podmiejska employs students to prepare them to the trade, at the end they take an exam demonstrating their ability to operate meat-processing machinery. In this we have a trained staff. We would like to hear from anyone interested in working for us.
On 25.04.2002 the title of silver medallist in the "House of craft" was awarded to the owners of Masarnia for the students' schooling in the craft (of meat preparation).
Masarnia Podmiejska is an Equal-Rights Emplayer. We specifically employ disabled people as well as people of retirement age with disabilities. We provide full medical insurance for our employees. There is a nurse's cabinet onsite, fully equipped with first aid and medical resources. We also have a qualified nurse as well as rehabilitation specialist on our team.




Masarnia Podmiejska
Zakład Pracy Chronionej
Spółka jawna

Danuta Jucha,
Robert Komoszyński

ul. Podmiejska 18 A
66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.
województwo lubuskie
Tel. (0048-95) 7322 277


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